August 25, 2008


Total of 14 273 members on the site as of today
240 pictures were uploaded for this theme
37 pictures made it throught the Sunday cut

1st place
Mark Lewin
54 votes2nd place
Scott Robertson
53 votesTie 3rd place
Andy Freer
52 votesTie 3rd place
Andrea Katherine Glass
52 votes

August 18, 2008

Farmer's Market

We now have a total of 14100 members
Just over 150 pictures were entered in this competition
21 pictures qualified for the remaining day of voting

1st place
Joseph Han
64 votes

2nd place
Eliisa Iljazi
44 votes

3rd place
Caline Habib
40 votes

Honorable mention goes to Fayne Bennett who's picture was deleted by mistake before time with 39 votes

August 11, 2008

Office Supplies

We now have 13931 members in our group.
There was less then 200 pictures uploaded, sorry, I did not get the right amount.
There was about 30 pictures with more then 15 votes with this competition.
1st place
Emy Brickle
76 votes
2nd place
Alex Mutley
70 votes
3rd place
Dan O'Sullivan
57 votes

August 04, 2008


1st place
Paul McDonald
59 votes
2nd place
Lys Olson
53 votes
Tied 3rd place
Philip Trengove
50 votes
Tied 3rd place
Grant Jackson
50 votes
Tied 3rd place
Peason Achilich
50 votes