September 29, 2008


We now have 16 000 members
254 pictures were entered in this competition
32 pictures were left standing after the Sunday's cut
1st place
Emilie Lavoie
85 votes
2nd place
Christopher Willcocks
58 votes
3rd place
Anne Bright
52 votes

September 22, 2008


We now have a total of 15 782 members
155 pictures were uploaded for this theme
23 pictures made the sunday cut.

1st place
Mark Lewin
118 votes2nd place
Angela Barker
75 votes3rd place
Pearson Achilich
69 votes

September 21, 2008

Poll results

For the "Are you a..." question, here is the answers.

38% of the members are Beginners
48% of the members are Amateurs
14% of the members are Semi Professionals
3% of the members are Professionals

Next time you see a picture that you think is not up to your standards, just remember that most of the members are not semi-pros or pros. :)

September 15, 2008


The group now has members 15571
590 pictures were uploaded for this theme
64 pictures were left after the cut down Sunday
1st place
Diana Borsboom
61 votes2nd place
Jonathan James Gordon
44 votes3rd place
Maverick M.
42 votes

September 08, 2008


We have a total of 15 040 members
254 pictures were uploaded for this theme
23 pictures qualified for the finals

1st place
Kent Laubman
70 votes2nd place
Jeppe Utzon
49 votes TIE 3rd place
Slawek Kozdras
44 votes TIE 3rd place
David Michael Perich
44 votes

September 01, 2008

Black & White Nature Landscape

We now have 14 792 members on the site
379 pictures were uploaded for this theme

TIE 1st place
Japie Van Deventer
71 votes TIE 1st place
Katrina Hynes Chickloski
71 votes2nd place
Lew Chee Cheong
61 votes 3rd place
Diego Munita
51 votes