March 30, 2009


We now have 20 924 members on the group
51 finalists made it through the Sunday cut

1st place
Chris Sigrist
145 votes2nd place
Caroline Proulx
136 votes3rd place
Tara Turner
135 votes

March 23, 2009


We now have 20 805 members
75 pictures made it to the finalist
1st place
Richard Dennis
92 votes2nd place
Monika Jelska
79 votes3rd place
Dano Patron
78 votes

March 16, 2009


We now have 20 672 members
There was 47 finalists this week

1st place
Christine Breen
78 votes2nd place
Hendrick Lundholm Andersen
76 votes3rd place
Andrea Gutman
73 votes

March 09, 2009


We now have 20532 member in the group

1st place
Mike Popelyak
80 votes2nd place
Igal Bumagin
77 votes3rd place
Cael Cook
75 votes

March 02, 2009

7 Sins - Sloth

We now have 20 283 members
A lot of pictures did not represent a deadly sin this theme, sorry if yours did not make the cut but a deadly sin can only be committed by a human. Animals (except humans) do not believe in a higher being so it would be impossible for them to commit a deadly sin since they don't believe in them.

1st place
Camille Lacquemanne
57 votes2nd place
Charles Metais
35 votes3rd place
Matt Sirus
34 votes