September 21, 2008

Poll results

For the "Are you a..." question, here is the answers.

38% of the members are Beginners
48% of the members are Amateurs
14% of the members are Semi Professionals
3% of the members are Professionals

Next time you see a picture that you think is not up to your standards, just remember that most of the members are not semi-pros or pros. :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's a great thing to remember, but I think too we have to remember too that as amateur's and semi-amateur's when we ask questions on what a photo is, it may be genuine as to ask what it is so we can then see what exactly the photo IS of..... because some shots may be darker or lighter or farther away or closer up than what we can make out =)
Sometimes someone asking how the picture meets the theme is a genuine inquiry and not the shot that people seem to take it as. =)